Are you looking to gain a huge applause for your PowerPoint presentation?

Of course you are.

Every PPT presenter wishes more attention. But the question is how to quickly hold audience mind and that too without putting much effort. Right!

Mind it! Limiting creativity by incorporating graphics only is like painting with black and white colors only. Thankfully, the secret to get huge attention from spectators does not mean putting lots of graphics only.

There is truckload of other tricks that has the potential to mesmerize audience and that too without much effort. And one such smart trick is called Typography.

Typography allows presenters to exert a pull on viewers just by giving little twist to letters. To put in other words all you need is to become little creative with letters to get enchanting results.

And believe it, creative letters have more potential to provide bigger results than huge spending of efforts, time and resources on graphics will ever be able to do.

To make it more comprehensible, here we are casting spotlight on a few typography tricks to create impressive PowerPoint cover slides. 

Before going in depth, note down using creative letters in cover slides or in 2-3 others slides is all right. Even nectar is poison if taken to excess. Right! So, avoid overdoing it to keep the professional touch intact.   

BONUS TIP: A powerful title having arty typographic effect helps to set the tone of presentation right from the beginning. Therefore, try to apply the typographic effect on the cover slide.

Arty Typographic Effect

Now, let’s dive deep to figure out the steps that presenters need to bring in typographic effect.  

Steps to create typographic effect

Creating an impactful typographic effect takes a lot of time, especially when you are not a professional. But by following a systematic approach you can create exceptional effects as well as can save time too. Let’s check out:

Step 1: Read presentation title over and over to figure out the message

It is a common fact that when we read something quickly we often fail to get it accurately. But keep reading to allow your unconscious mind to work. For example in title “How to Build an Impactful Business” the word ‘Business’ seems important. Right! Wrong! Important word is impactful as presenter is supposed to deliver impactful business tips and not an ordinary one. 

Step 2: Do thorough search to figure out icons or visuals to insert in focus word 

One can simply start this process by searching focus word ‘Impactful’ in image category of search engines. Search engines show many options to represent the word ‘Impactful’. Now, choose icons or graphics that can be used to create typographic effect. Besides this, one can also search by using term ‘Impactful icons’ to get better results.

Step 3: Search with synonyms of focus word

In case a presenter does not get the relevant results then it is better to shorten the search word. And use synonyms to search for relevant icons or visuals. For example, in case of focus word ‘Impactful’ first shorten the focus word to make it ‘Impact’ and then search for ‘Impact’ synonyms. Amazing results like collision, crash, smash, bump, bang, knock and many more appears on screen. So, now a complete range of words is available to look for relevant icons.

Isn’t this cool!

So, just by following systematic process one can easily find the related icons or visuals to create a typographic impact. We found the downward arrow and ripples to be a great icon or visual representation for the focus word “Impact”. It resembles the letter ‘I’ in focus word and is hence replaced with the icon. 

 5 Typography Examples for Inspiration:

To make the concept more comprehensible we are sharing 7 amazing tricks to replace letters with icons for irresistible results.

Letter I

When it comes to typography effects then letter ‘I’ definitely has edge over other letters. Reason is simple as it easily lends itself to many creative expressions.

Example 1- Let’s understand this with the example of presentation slide having title – Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch. Now, focus word here is ‘Pitch’. Letter ‘I’ in focus word is replaced with an icon of mic to lay emphasis on message i.e. speech. Along with this a visual of elevator is used to perfectly complement the message. Check out the final result.

How to write Elevator Pitch

Example 2- Let’s check out another example of letter ‘I’. Now, in this title the letter ‘I’ in focus word ‘Smoking’ is replaced with the icon of cigarette. You can also use the icon to replace the letter ‘I’ in word ‘Quit’. But remember don’t belittle the effect by using the icon in both the words. 

Quit Smoking

Letter L

Let’s understand this with an example of title – Key to Successful Supply Chain Management.

Presentation slides related to supply chain management are often boring as they comprise heavy management terminology. Rest easy! By using typography, a smart presenter can give little relief to audience. For example, in sample slide below letter ‘L’ is replaced with an icon of trolley. One can also use the icon of chain to replace the letter ‘I’ in word ‘chain’. But go with just one typographic effect as overdoing can ruin the impact.  

Keys to Successful Supply Chain Management

Letter O

Just like letter ‘I’ the letter ‘O’ is also typography friendly. Presenters can freely experiment with this letter as it offers wide options. For example, letter ‘O’ can be replaced with icon of clock in word ‘clock’ or icon of football in word ‘soccer’. In sample slide given below we have replaced the letter ‘O’ with icon of gear. Just check the result.

Business Operational Controls and Procedures

Example 1- In this sample slide titled – Tips to achieve business goals in the shortest time. Now, in this slide the letter ‘O’ in word goal is replaced with dartboard icon. The dartboard metaphor helps to reinforce the focus word ‘Business Goal’. 

Tips to achieve Business Goals in shortest time

Example 2- Let's take the example of PPT title – We Offer Cloud Security Services.

Now, here letter 'O' in word 'cloud' can be replaced with icon of the same to lay emphasis on cloud services. Let's check out the sample PPT slide below to see the final result.

We offer Cloud Security Service

Letter S

We all know letter ‘S’ closely resembles or looks a lot like the sign of dollar ($). This means icon of dollar perfectly fits to replace the letter ‘S’ in PowerPoint slides involving financial or monetary subjects. Have a look at the sample slide given below to check the typographic beauty created by replacing letter 'S' with icon of dollar.

Do you want Financial Security

Letter U

These days start-ups are mushrooming like anything. Every second person is thinking to launch a start-up. Now, a start-up basically means to start or launch a new idea. Thus, metaphor of a rocket launch perfectly fits the bill to represent a start-up.  

So, one can apply the rocket launch metaphor to design a PowerPoint presentation on start-ups. This metaphor can be used to replace the letter ‘U’ to bring in that inventive look. See the result in sample slide given below.

How to Launch your Start Up

Example 1- Here in the below presentation slide related to customer acquisition strategy, we have not used any icon to replace letter 'U' in word acquisition. In fact, we have flipped the alphabet upside down and further added two red color squares to make it look like a magnet. So, a little twist of letter ‘U’ has turned it into a crowd puller perfectly representing word ‘acquisition’.  

Customer Acquisition Strategy

Concluding thoughts

You know that you need to create high-quality PPT slides to be a magnet for audience. You also well understand you need to create such eye-catching slides constantly.

Therefore, you need enough of creative arrows in your quiver to craft captivating results. And one such important creative arrow is called typography.

By using typographic effect with an intelligent and balanced approach one can easily craft spell-binding effect on audience. Mind it! It’s a simple but proven strategy to improve audience attention. 

In short, just start creating iconic letters to hold listener’s interest till the moment when you say thanks.  

Tell us what other typography tricks you know that can be helpful in creating great slides?

For more insights about typographic effects feel free to contact our typographic experts at SlideGeeks.