Circular diagrams are one of the most commonly used graphics in business presentations. They are used to present business data, results, process, strategies, planning, comparison, sales and more. However, the main problem is that they are so commonly used that we get to see the regular boring usual circular diagrams.

Fret not! We have shortlisted some of our innovatively designed circular diagrams for your next presentation. Download these simple yet creative circular diagrams, customize colors, put content and you are good to go.

Let’s look at the example below. 

Circular Diagram showing CRM Cycle

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Above diagram showcases customer relationship management. CRM is focused upon the development of a customer-centric business culture. Business owners implement customer relationship management (CRM) systems as a part of their business operations. Circular diagram can easily be incorporated here to explain the steps of CRM cycle.  

Circular Diagram showcasing Strategic Planning Process

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Assess both the internal and external environment of your organization. Analyze the current state, define the future state, and develop objectives and strategies to achieve the vision of your company. Show the steps using circular diagram.

Not only the processes and cycles, circular diagrams can also be used to show the different departments of an organization.


Circular Diagram showing Departments during a Product Campaign

Download this professionally designed circular diagram

 The above diagram is displaying the workings of various departments during a campaign. One can easily comprehend from the visual the involvement of these three different departments with each other. Circular diagrams and circle charts are very versatile. They are simple and professional at the same time.

Now imagine, you are showcasing people’s favorite brand (which is actually yours) with other brands to your clients. You are not sure how to go about it. Well choose the circular diagram that suits the requirement and let that graphic do the rest of your work. Just like the below diagram.

Circular Chart Diagram showing Brand Awareness

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This visual is clearly depicting the brand awareness among the people.  Now you don’t have to make an extra efforts to convince your clients to like your brand. This awesome graphic has done it for you.

What more can it do it for you? You may have never ending points to put them into your presentation but you don’t want to make your presentation textual heavy and sound boring at the same time.

Circular diagrams and circle charts can save you from doing that. How? Take a look at the below diagram.

Circular Diagram showing Risk Management Process

Download this creatively designed circular diagram

Explain different types of risk with the circular diagram. This innovatively designed circular diagram will instantly grab all the attention of your audience and will become easy for you to emphasize each point of the process.

Suddenly feeling powerful? Wait, you are about to get more powers. You can edit the color, icon, and font size of these amazing PowerPoint diagrams. Edit them as per your need because all these PowerPoint templates are customizable.

You can also create a circular diagram in PowerPoint presentation. All you have to do is to follow some simple steps.

  1. Go to the insert tab
  2. Choose SmartArt
  3. Select circle among different categories
  4. Choose the design you want
  5. And click OK


Choose Smart Art

After selecting the design, you have an option to change the color of your design.

  • Go to the change colors option
  • Choose the color of your choice.


Change Colors

You can also go to the SMART ART STYLES option to add more creativity to the diagram.

Choose Smart Art Style


Insert Smart Art Style

Now you are all set. No more making boring presentations. Add some creativity and innovation. Incorporate amazing circular diagrams and circle charts in your PowerPoint presentation to deliver an engaging presentation.