Tomorrow is your big day at office that might make you eligible for the next promotion. You have a presentation to deliver in front of your boss, seniors and clients. Your boss expects you to incorporate the minutest details in your presentation and you can’t afford to miss those. After all, your boss wants you to put your best image forward and now it all depends on you.

You spend hours and hours to decide how your first slide should be or how you can show all the text without making it look too lengthy. Yet, instead of having your presentation to be gripping, it is boring and dull.

Unfortunately, your boss doesn’t approve of your presentation and all your hard work goes in vain.

Don’t let a bad presentation ruin your day.  At least not anymore.  Designing an amazing PowerPoint presentation should be at your fingertips. All you need to know are these 3 simple stress-free steps (Read Magical Formula) to make a top notch professional looking presentation in the shortest time imaginable.

Step 1:- Set a nice theme/presentation background

Having a beautiful presentation theme or background solves half the problem. With the presentation theme relevant to your topic, you can create an attention-grabbing first slide that leaves an everlasting impression on your audience. Also an apt theme gives a uniformity to the presentation and a professional look. SlideGeeks has thousands of professionally designed themes to offer you. These themes and templates are classified by industries and topics to make it easier for you to choose a perfect template for your presentation.

Let’s say you want to make a presentation on ‘Strategies for increase in Sales’.  First,  go to the Themes category on the left side of the website. Pick the Sales subcategory and choose a theme you like for your presentation. Every theme has three slides. Let’s say you have chosen the below theme from our collection.

Set a nice theme presentation background

These three slides will act as the bodywork for your presentation. When you put to use one of SlideGeeks professional themes, you get a full consistency in colors and fonts throughout the deck as well as a pre-designed layout on which you can work easily. You always have the option to get different layouts by clicking “New Slide” on the Home tab in PowerPoint Ribbon to acquire various outlines options such as picture with caption, content with caption and more.

IMPORTANT: One thing to be noted here is that you will only see the title slides when you download a theme and open it in PowerPoint. That’s how PowerPoint works. It encloses the other slides and they are only noticeable when you insert a new slide. Any downloaded theme has two files. Files which have the word “print” in the name have white backgrounds and files which do not have the word “print” in the name have colored backgrounds. Cut and paste these slides into a single deck if you want both.

Step 2:- Enter your text

Now is the turn to explain the game plan to your audience. That means you have to focus on the text here. Fill in the title of the presentation on the first slide and your ideas or content in other slides. Just concentrate on the text part here.

Put the desired content in your PowerPoint presentation


  • You must have a TITLE for each slide so that your audience knows what the slide is about.
  • Include 1 key message or GIST in each slide
  • Keep your language smart and crisp. Don’t make it sound like a lecture or a lengthy tutorial. No one has the time for that. Include only the relevant and important information.
  • If there are way too many bullet points, then it is as good as a boring paragraph. There is a reason it’s called a bullet point. Fast as a bullet and to the point. Not sure about that but I can guarantee that more than 8 bullet points and you have the ‘skip’ from the audience.
  • Your slide is going to be shown on a screen and not under a microscope. So unless you want your audience to only pretend that they are able to read your text, keep a font size that is readable. Usually, a font size of 12+ is readable on most screens. Don’t let font size be the reason for your audience missing out on all the data you gathered through your hard research and those nights spent on making the presentation.

Step 3:- Make your slides visually appealing

You are at the verge of completing your presentation. Now to grab more eyeballs, step no. 3 is to convert all the slides from plain text to graphically more captivating.

With arrows, funnels, circles, puzzle pieces and other amazing designs you can change the text into something more visually appealing. Don’t worry, finding them won’t take much time. Just go straight to our Visual Search section. It has all the best and most often needed PowerPoint graphics stored for you in one place.

Choose the right graphic

Choose the graphic that suits your text the best. Download it and add your text.

Say you want a 5 piece funnel for one of your slides. Select the shape and number of nodes from drop down:

This is it. You are all sorted. It just takes a few minutes to change your text into inspiring visual slides. Here is how your final deck looks like:

Final deck of visually appealing slides

The entire presentation will not take more than hour or two. Your presentation will speak for you, your audiences are going to love it and next employee of the month is you.

These 3 simple straightforward steps will assure that creating your next PowerPoint presentation won’t be a difficult task for you. Enjoy designing your next presentation.