Remember Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs stories? Memories from childhood strike our mind when we come across these stories. And importantly, we remember these stories from beginning till end. But if somebody asks us about chapter seven from the History book of class 9th, that person immediately appears an enemy to us. That’s the power of the visuals. We can relate ourselves more with visuals rather than plain text. Moreover, it’s a fact that 90% of information transmitted in our brain is visual and visuals are processed faster in brain than text. Well, now you know why you see so many blank faces during your presentations! It’s the plain text that makes your presentation boring.  Text is vanilla. Accept it. However, you can share your important information with your team members without making them feel bored. Just include right visuals with your content instead plain text and you are all set to deliver the best presentation of your life. Here are a few examples to make it simpler for you:- ABOUT US : You are all suited and booted to deliver your presentation and to make an impression on your client. However, the question arises here- Is your presentation also looking equally good like you? Is your presentation visually strong enough to make an everlasting impression on your client? ABOUT XYZ 1 This is your introductory slide. However, your clients or colleagues would not even bother to pay attention till the end of your presentation. Clearly because it’s not impressive and who would take the pain to read all the sentences. Not even you. Let’s make your company’s introduction slide as impressive as your company. Mobile Image with Social Media Platforms Your company’s goals are now clearly visible and you can stand out in the crowd from the beginning with this great visual complimenting your company’s introduction. COMPANY VISION : You want your team members to pay attention towards their work.  You want your company to reach heights with the help of your team members. You want to show them what your company’s vision is and motivate them to achieve success.  Well, how are you planning to do so? Like this? COMPANY VISION 3 Now, let me state a fact here. The human brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than text. Use a relevant visual that depicts the concept of vision. xyz vision 2 If your teammates can analyze things as you want them to see, then you don’t need to worry about anything. Visuals can help you do that. Graphics with minimal text always strike a chord with the audience. TEAM MANAGEMENT  : “Pull up your socks. We have reached month end and we still need to meet our targets. Let’s work together and finish it once and for all.” This is what you say to your team whenever you encourage them for team work. Every time you come up with new sentences to boost their morale. Let’s try something different this time. team management 3 Speak your heart out to your teammates with this amazing graphic and inspire them to achieve success. Not only this, you can inspire them to set their goals by showing them the right visual. The before slide is what you should never do. The after slide is much better, isn’t it? set goals 4 ACHIEVEMENTS : You want to share a good news of receiving positive feedback from clients and customers with your hardworking team members. You were going to choose something really simple, plain and usual to show your targets achieved. Somewhat like the one in before slide. TARGETS ACHEIVED 7 Share this amazing news with a great visual. Don’t use big fancy words in your speech or a basic PowerPoint slide in your presentation. Flaunt your achievements with style. targets achieved 5 Now isn’t it beautiful to see so many hands up in the air, smiling faces, confidence at its peak, and more enthusiasm than before. Visuals are more powerful because they increase people’s engagement in discussions. Visuals definitely add more credibility to presentations. You can easily sum up your points or ideas with the right graphics. In the end, you want to be remembered by your clients. You want your build a strong business relation with them. Make sure you end your presentation with the correct CONTACT US slide. So that, they don’t have to jot down your number on a paper. contact us 6 Don’t make your audience read your slides, let them see your slides. Make your content visually heavy rather than text heavy. If you are guilty of creating slides full of long boring text and have even experienced your audience cheering for you at the end of your presentation, sorry but that was not because your presentation was good or they got inspired with what you said. That is simply because your presentation finally ended. You might be feeling disappointed to know this fact but you have to face it. SlideGeeks is here to help you make your presentation look more professional so that you can stand out from the crowd. Download these amazingly made PowerPoint slides and edit them as per your need and stop bugging your team mates with your dull presentations.  With the right graphics, not only will your ideas look best but also make you the best presenter in the team. That’s the power of visuals.