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Our experienced research team offers diverse business intelligence solutions customized for every business, including...

Our Recent Work

We have worked with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies and helped them optimize their business performance and overcome their challenges. Here are some of our recent projects across various industry verticals.

How We Work

We use the following 4-step process to understand your project and deliver results that exceed your expectations, with quick turnaround times. This approach helps us fully understand your requirements, identify project objectives, and build an optimum strategy and achievable plan, even under very tight deadlines.


Initiate Communication

  • Questionnaire
  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Video Conferencing

Analysis and Pricing

  • Understand the project
  • Draw pricing estimates and send proposal
  • Signing NDA

Project Implementation

  • Research execution
  • Data Analysis
  • Review of “Work in Progress” with customer to exceed expectations
  • On going reporting
Hand Shake

Project Review, Delivery and Reiterations

  • Final Deliverable discussed over conference call
  • Next steps as required


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Per Project Basis

You get a dedicated team that works on the project at hand and delivers it with utmost diligence. The agreement ends at the completion of the project.

Ideal for: Short, turnkey, specific research projects

$ 50per hour

A typical project ranges from about 10 hours (e.g. Competitive Analysis) to a few hundred hours (e.g. Product Launch).

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Dedicated Research Partner

You hire us as your dedicated research team for a specific duration. The agreement ends at the completion of the duration specified in the contract.

Ideal for: Long, on going research requirements and projects

Team management

Our Team

Our team consists of Tier One Management Consultants, Marketing Experts, Engineers, and Finance Professionals who are the best in their fields. You will be in constant touch with them directly during the project, usually via Skype or a similar platform of your choice.


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