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Content and design go hand in hand in creating the perfect PowerPoint presentation. You have spent hours in researching and compiling the best content for your upcoming presentation. But often the design does not look professional and does not do justice to your content. This is where we come into picture. At SlideGeeks, we turn rough PowerPoint slides into a polished deck.

Do not waste precious hours in struggling with PowerPoint mechanics. Hand us over your rough deck and our team of presentation designers will do the complete formatting of slides to ensure consistency in your presentation. We will also find the perfect visuals and icons to supplement your message. Right from fonts, colors, white space, to graphics and icons, our team will set everything in right order so that your deck looks professional and worthy of your content! How much time does all this take? Just 48 hours for a presentation with up to 10 slides.


  • Structure your text by replacing bullet points with impactful graphics and illustrations.
  • Bring consistency in the entire presentation with regards to colors, fonts, and alignment.
  • Design customized diagrams and icons, if the content demands so.
  • Turn cluttered PowerPoint charts and graphs into clean, eye-catchy visualizations.
  • Redesign slides using the best images, graphics, icons, and illustrations.

Don’t worry about the deadline; we’ll deliver your customized PowerPoint presentation in 48 hours (for a presentation with up to 10 slides).


  • Send us your presentation by clicking the “Get Started Submit Order!” button. We’ll go through your requirements, get in touch for more details and get started on your deck.
  • We deliver you the first draft of the presentation after 48 hours to get your feedback. We’ll accommodate your suggestions if any.
  • Once you approve the slides, we send over the polished deck!

Once you submit your request, we’ll review your requirements and tell you the final quotation within 24 hours. Once the quotation is approved, we start on your work.

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