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What customers say about us

"I have been a SlideGeeks subscriber for four years now, and can not imagine doing without the available resources for my consulting business. Recently, I engaged with the SlideGeeks Design Services group with the objective to improve a small, but very important, presentation slide deck. The result, I am ecstatic with the product and service; so much so that I asked how I could provide feedback and recognize this example of performance excellence. The Design Services team treated me and my project as if this was for a huge, high-paying client. The attention to detail, accurate fit with my intended message, professional design, and visual clarity has provided me with an outstanding set of slides. Just as important, their service professionalism means I will be utilizing the Design Services team at every opportunity. They made the whole process easy and seamless, delivered on time, listened, I mean REALLY listened, and provided expert advice. If only more service organizations practiced this type of customer service. Thanks Design Services Team!!"

“It has been a genuine pleasure working with the Design Services team. They are extremely professional and do excellent creative work. When I first contacted them for assistance I really did not know what to expect. What a pleasant surprise! I like many things about working with the Design Services team but most important to me has been their availability & creativity - you can actually speak with a manager to discuss the presentation. When they say they will call you ?they do. When they say the presentation or draft will be completed on a certain day and time?.it is!. We are starting a new company and much of the information is changing rapidly. The design team captured what we are trying to express very quickly and were able convey our message colorfully and creatively into the presentation. I have received so many compliments on the presentation they designed and I am so happy I have found a design partner I can trust and grow with our company...”

“SlideGeeks Design Services has been one of the best presentation design companies I have worked with. They are professional and have provided excellent service in presentation design and creative work. Their team showed dedication above and beyond expectations and saving us time and resources. They have delivered within the committed time and we are treated with courtesy and respect at all times by their staff, and customer care is their largest priority. They are knowledgeable about everything in their business and are always looking for ways they can better serve their customers. I appreciate the professionalism and quality that we receive from SlideGeeks Design Services and I would highly recommend SlideGeeks Design Services to other companies needing similar services.”

“SlideGeeks have done and amazing job with minimal information on our requirements. They were able to blow us away from the first presentation. We will most definitely recommend their services and commend them on their prompt services and professionalism.”

“Our sales team seriously needed a presentation design partner and we are glad we found SlideGeeks. Before, our presentations were lackluster with the same ideas and slides being repeated and we were losing clientele to other competitors. That?s when we decided on hiring SlideGeeks and their performance has been commendable. They completed revamped our existing presentations and our new presentations have been designed with eye-catching visuals, meaningful icons and images and accurate diagrams that support the content of each slide. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to partner with a professional presentation design team. An added unexpected bonus has been the boost in confidence of our sales team while presenting because they are backed by a solid presentation.”

“SlideGeeks have done an excellent job on a number of assignments covering many slide decks. The quality of their work is outstanding and good value. The other thing I like is that on the rare occasion that they have experienced a problem, they have informed me in advance and kept me informed throughout. I'd strongly recommend them.”

“SlideGeeks did a great job on my presentation. They clearly understood my design requirements and did an impressive job of turning around the presentation. I will highly recommend them to my colleagues.”

“I have been using SlideGeeks to design complex, professional looking presentations that really impress the audience and bring my message across. Their service is outstanding. They design according to my requirements but at the same time think 'out of the box'. I would much rather use their services then spend hours trying to figure out what they do best in a very short turnaround time.”

“SlideGeeks did an excellent job preparing my presentations on multiple occasions. Their work is professional and creative, providing new ideas for visual display while maintaining the integrity of my requests. Their customer service is outstanding and one of the best I have ever seen. They are prompt, efficient and have always kept to their commitments. I would highly recommend them to others who are looking for assistance in slide presentations.”

“I am really impressed with SlideGeeks?s presentation design capabilities and professionalism. My team slapped together bits and pieces of information, charts and data onto a presentation, without anyone taking ownership of making the presentation look consistent. I gave the presentation to SlideGeeks for a quick makeover expecting that they will make it neat and crisp. Not only did they do what was expected, but they went beyond and exceeded our expectations. Along with ensuring consistency in fonts, colors and theme of each slide, they went ahead and redesigned each slide with amazing graphics, diagrams and illustrations to give a polished and professional look and feel. Each slide was designed according to the merit of the information. Now we have stopped designing our presentations on our own and give everything to SlideGeeks.”

“SlideGeeks did a great job on the presentation posters that we required. They were very quick to understand my design requirements and did an impressive job of turning around the presentation quickly, including being very responsive to change requirements after the first draft. I would highly recommend them to my colleagues.”

“SlideGeeks's Design Services is fantastic at transforming my ideas into exciting visual slides. They have always delivered within the committed turnaround time and have come to my rescue multiple times, sometimes even delivering on weekends for a Monday morning presentation. Faced with stiff deadlines and demanding schedules, I don't always have time to make my presentations professional. I now give my presentations to them knowing that what I get back will be the best and way better than what I can do. I really like their customer service of being able to speak to the design team manager to convey the details of the customized design I require, rather than sending by email which can be tedious and difficult to describe in writing.”


Custom Designed Slides

Start at $24.99 /slide

For SlideGeeks Subscribers

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Custom Designed Slides

Start at $34.99 /slide

For Non-Subscribers

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Custom Designed Templates/Themes

Start at $249.99

For Subscribers & Non-Subscribers

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  • We charge per slide. For SlideGeeks subscription, the cost starts at only $24.99 per slide.
  • For customers not subscribed to any SlideGeeks plans, the cost starts at $34.99 per slide.
  • Custom Design Templates start at $249.99 per template.
  • All payments are made via an electronic invoice.
  • Customers subscribed to "Annual" plan can get 10 custom designed slides worth $250 absolutely free.
  • In cases where complex designs requiring advanced softwares such as 3D Maya and Photoshop, we will provide you estimate of the additional cost beforehand. Advanced designed such as vector images and maps require additional hours of work than standard designs thus increasing the cost.
  • You are most welcome to request changes n number of times. We want you to be thoroughly pleased with your final presentation before making the payment.

Why SlideGeeks?

Our team breathes PowerPoint day in, day out. So your presentation will be in the hands of PowerPoint and design experts.
Telephone and email support if you need clarifications.
Thousands of presentations designed for small, medium and Fortune 500 companies.
Designs submitted to you will be 100% editable in PowerPoint for future re-use.
We offer one of the largest collection of ready-to-use professional templates and PowerPoint diagrams.
Unlimited revisions and additional requests to slides designed by us.
A quick turnaround so you don't have to worry about deadlines.
No upfront payment; pay only after approval of slides.
Inclusive price without any hidden or extra charges. All extra charges based on complexity of design will be told to you beforehand.
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