How can I make an effective presentation on Talent Management that impress the audience?


Check this amazing presentation:

Talent Management Ppt PowerPoint Presentation

Here is the best outline for a deck on Talent Management. Use it to create your own Talent Management presentation.

  1. Content: This slide shows Content. Its constituents are- assess the viable current staff, current vacancies, sources for future recruitment, talent acquisition strategy, recruitment tracker, budget involved, determine future talent needs.
  2. Prepare Self-Assessment: This is Ask to prepare self-assessment slide showing performance appraisal ratings.
  3. Clients’ Feedback: This is Ask for Clients’ Feedback slide showing Matrix in terms of excellent, very good and good.
  4. Current Vacancies: This slide shows Current Vacancies in the organization. You can add your own vacancies if any.
  5. Sources for Future Recruitment: This slide shows sources for future recruitment like an advertisement, voluntary applicants, internal searches, school placement, employee referrals, employment agencies.
  6. Recruitment Tracker: This slide shows Recruitment Tracker. You can add the data for the requirement or hiring process.

One resource that has been invaluable for me in preparing my presentation is the ready-made Talent Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides . The structure, slide layouts, graphics, images, and fonts have been designed beforehand and all you need to do is add your text in the placeholders.

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