What is the best way to create Jidoka PowerPoint presentation?


Making a presentation on this topic is quite challenging and time-consuming. One should define all the possibilities of problems and its solutions step by step.

So, as per my experience in this industry, I can suggest you assemble your slides in the following manner:

  1. Jidoka Outline: This slide presents Jidoka Outline with the following constituents- jidoka introduction, jidoka step by step process, two pillars of lean manufacturing, jidoka process, benefits of jidoka, jidoka problem solving, jidoka line stop, principles of jidoka.
  2. Jidoka Introduction: This is the Jidoka Introduction slide. It explains jidoka with the following points- Jidoka is the forgotten pillar of the Toyota Production system and lean manufacturing, Yet it is one of the most important principles that can help in achieving true excellence, Jidoka is about quality at source, or built in quality, No company can survive without excellent quality of product and service and jidoka is the route through which this is achieved.
  3. Process: This slide explains Jidoka’s Step by Step Process- set goals & expectations, plan logistics & timing, document reality, plan counter-measures, check reality, identify waste, do it again, celebrate success, standardize process, measure results, make changes, verify change/modify.
  4. Jidoka Line Stop: This is Jidoka Line Stop slide with the following three points- It doesn’t just stop the process, it highlights the problem, correct it and then tackle root cause to prevent the problem ever happening again. Every company discovers an abnormality in their automation process, this is the way that defects and problems are highlighted, and actions are taken. If an operator detects a problem, they pull a cord or push a button to stop the production line at the end of that production cycle.

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