What are the most important things to include in Talent Mapping PowerPoint presentation?


Talent Mapping is the heart of Talent Management. It helps to determine the future talent needs, accesses the capability of current employees to meet those needs, identify the source of future recruitment and develop a strategic plan to fill that talent gap. So, basically, it is a step by step process.

A good presentation on Talent Mapping should have the following structure-

  1. Content: This slide shows Content. Its constituents are- assess the viable current staff, current vacancies, sources for future recruitment, talent acquisition strategy, recruitment tracker, budget involved, determine future talent needs.
  2. Self-Assessment: This is Ask to Prepare Self-Assessment slide showing performance appraisal ratings.
  3. Get Feedback: This slide shows a table titled Get Feedback from the Teams in which you can add criteria, score and comments.
  4. Sources for Future Recruitment: This slide shows Sources for Future Recruitment like advertisement, voluntary applicants, internal searches, school placement, employee referrals, employment agencies.
  5. Talent Acquisition Strategy: This slide shows 2018 Talent Acquisition Strategy table with the following sub headings- brand building, job posting, sourcing & recruiting, assessment & hiring, onboarding.

Check out this complete ready-made Talent Mapping PowerPoint Presentation Slides.

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