I need to deliver a PowerPoint presentation on Cultural Quotient in my company? What topics should I cover in this presentation?



Here a few samples of Cultural Quotient to give you a basic understanding of how we design the presentation:


The other name of Cultural Quotient is Cultural Intelligence. It shows the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures like business, education, government, and academic research, etc. when I first started to create the presentation from scratch, I faced a lot of difficulties. However, with time, I have come to a conclusion that while making any kind of presentation your approach should be genuine and well informed.

In the case of Cultural Quotient presentation, the following points should be included-

  1. Cultural Intelligence Outline – This slide shows Cultural Intelligence Outline with these of the following introduction, key statistics, template, elements, five step skill-building process, in a four-step process, dimensional model, framework, circular steps.
  2. Cultural Intelligence Template – This slide presents Cultural Intelligence Template which further showcases cultural intelligence action, cultural intelligence drive, cultural intelligence knowledge, cultural intelligence strategy.
  3. Cultural Intelligence Elements – This slide shows Cultural Intelligence Elements with these of the following steps- intrinsic, extrinsic, self-efficacy, systems, leadership, checking, awareness, planning, speech - acts, non - verbal, verbal, values, knowledge, planning, skills, drive
  4. Five Steps of Skill Building – This slide presents Cultural Intelligence Five Step Skill Building Process with these of the following stages- open attitude, self-awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural skills, other awareness.
  5. Cultural Intelligence Framework – This slide presents Cultural Intelligence Framework with these of the three main important parameters- cultural intelligence, cognitive, behavioral, motivational.

For a complete ready-made presentation on Cultural Quotient. Check this out!

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