What are the important points I should include in Annual Operating Strategy PowerPoint Presentation?


Check this amazing presentation:

Annual Operating Strategy Ppt PowerPoint Presentation

The exact structure of an Annual Operating strategy is completely depending upon the management and the audience where you deliver your presentation. The Annual Operating strategy is the justification of the annual operating budget request. So, I suggest you to design your presentation in the following sequence.

  1. Content: This slide presents Content which further showcases executive summary, vision & mission, goals & objectives, operational highlights, milestone achieved, key performance indicator, financial summary, operational challenges, operating plan initiatives, business operating plan, team, goals, hiring, plan, success of revenue, product roadmap, risk & migration plan.
  2. Our Goals and Objectives: This slide presents Our Goals and Objectives with these of the following stages- business plan, system and solutions, programmers for strategic objectives, business plan, operation of solution.
  3. Key Performance Indicators: This slide presents Key Performance Indicators which further showcases- cost of goods sold, net promoter score, % sales lost to active customers, customer retention rate, day sales outstanding.
  4. Operational Challenges: This slide presents Operational Challenges which further showcases- customer facing, back-office, operations, entering the market, sales / marketing / PR, customer care / CRM, partners & alliances, organizational / operations setup, optimize revenue sources.

Here is a valuable resource I suggest you for acing both design and structure Annual Operating Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slides .

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