How can I make a presentation on Trade Show?


Trade Fair is an exhibition for companies in a specific industry where companies promote their products and services as well as discuss their upcoming products. The presentation on Trade Fair should be informative and comprehensive. It should contain all the important elements which give absolute information about Trade Fair.

Here, are the steps which should be included in a Trade Fair Deck-

  1. Content: This slide shows Content with- introduction, competitors’ participation, trade show objectives, trade show budgeting, trade show timeline, trade show planning checklist, performance dashboard.
  2. Competitors Participation: This slide shows Competitors Participation with two parameters- prior year and anticipated.
  3. Trade Show Objectives: This slide shows Trade Show Objectives divided into three major categories- objectives: gather new prospects, tactics for accomplishing: by display of products, sharing product USP, measurement techniques: conversion rate of prospects to leads.
  4. Trade Show Budgeting:  This slide also presents Trade Show Budgeting with two categories to fill- promotion, personnel expenses.
  5. Trade Show Timeline: This slide shows Trade Show Timeline with following steps- choose your show, justification, expected ROI, budget.

One resource that has been invaluable for me in preparing my presentation is the ready-made Trade Show PowerPoint Presentation Slides. The structure, slide layouts, graphics, images and fonts have been designed beforehand and all you need to do is add your text in placeholders.

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