How can I make a presentation on New Product Launch Process Flow And Steps?


To create PowerPoint slides on New Product Launch Process Flow And Steps, you should include all the steps one by one which is involved to launch a new product in the market. 

Here, are the steps which you should include in the deck-

New Product/Service Launch Plan: First slide should define a new product/service launch plan slide which presents– key steps with the following points- target audience, product/service positioning, new product/ service launch overview, product launch cycle, project overview, product launch timeline, launch planning: key steps & tools, product launch detailed plan, phase-wise tactics – buzz, launch & momentum, marketing plan, typical product launch marketing process, lead generation activities, marketing budget, product launch tracking, reasons why product launch fail, revenue & costing forecast, go-to-market strategy. 

Product Overview: Second slide should include a product overview slide which states- critical success factors, project inclusions, project exclusions, project scope, project goals & objectives, assumptions, problem statement, project description. we have identified few parameters that could be added in product overview details like problem statement, description of project, goals & objectives, scope etc. 

Elevator Pitch for product: Third slide should describe an elevator pitch for product slide which displays- value proposition framework, target customers, product/solution description, main problem, competitive advantage, primary benefit to customer, product/solution substitute. 

Take a quick look at an example and download this product.

New Product Go To Market Roll Out Launch Process Flow And Steps PowerPoint Presentation Slides

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