What are some useful PPT design tips?


  • Use high-quality images


Images should reinforce your message and complement it. The goal is to make a powerful impact, not just fill space. Hence use high-quality images to retain their quality when projected on larger screens 


  • Avoid too many animations 


Animations may seem impressive, at first glance, but they act as distractions when it comes to designing presentations. Your professionalism may be diminished by adding transitions, fly-ins, animations, and sounds. So, use them sparingly.


  • Limit yourself to using five colors


A harmonious color palette can easily improve the aesthetics of your presentation. So there is no need to complicate the color scheme by using gradients and textures; the right colors alone are sufficient for excellent results.


  • Add accurate charts and graphs 


Inadequate use of charts and graphs can be distracting for the viewer. Ensure your information design is simple and straightforward to avoid the audience spending the entire time deciphering the content on the X and Y axis. 


  • Limit the number of slides 


Keep the number of slides within the timeframe you have for the presentation. Presenters who flip to the next slide constantly and rush through their presentations typically fail to convey their message to the audience. So keep it short and simple. One slide per minute is a good rule of thumb here. 


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