• Answered on 07 May, 2019
    By Nikita Mohan

  • To deliver an impressive presentation on Four Steps of Consumer Insight CI Maturity, you need to have a great story. The presentation story should include all the major elements of Consumer Insights. A great story involves a proper flow of slides that carry your pitch forward step by step.

    For creating a stunning presentation on Four Steps of Consumer Insight CI Maturity, you should add the following points in your presentation-

    Customer Insight (CI) Maturity: This is Customer Insight (CI) Maturity Template 1 slide with the following content- traditional market research provider, strategic insight partner, source of competitive advantage, business contributor, customer.

    Traditional Market Research: This slide shows Traditional Market Research Provider in a tabular form with the following subheadings- market research company, content offered, geographies covered, price quotation, time duration.

    Business Contributor: This slide shows Business Contributor with relevant imagery and following points are to be implemented and displayed- strategic focus, business collaborator, commercial scope, budget input but no control,

    Source of Competitive Advantage: This slide shows Source of Competitive Advantage enlisted as- superior contacts, superior knowledge, scale advantages, offensive attitudes, perceived advantage, low-cost operations, legal advantage, superior, product benefit.

    Here is a valuable resource I suggest you for acing both the design as well as the structure Four Steps Of Consumer Insight CI Maturity PowerPoint Presentation Slides .

    Answered on 03 May, 2019
    By Nikita Mohan