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    Market Practicability Ppt PowerPoint Presentation

    Answered on 07 May, 2019
    By Alice Laura

  • Your presentation on Market Practicability should be a solid, visually attention-grabbing and structured pitch that addresses the main points of the subject.

    So, here is the best outline for a deck on Market Practicability:

    1. Introduction to Industry: This is an Introduction to Industry slide with text boxes. Provide a brief introduction about your industry in the text boxes given.
    2. Industry Description: This is an Industry Description slide with the following points- politics, economics, society, technology, environment, legislation.
    3. Industry Analysis: This is an Industry Analysis Section with basic three points to consider- put pressure on the company in question, have created the challenge you are solving, are disputing or sustaining the industry.
    4. Market Analysis Matrix: This slide presents Market Analysis Matrix which shows the following four points- retain & grow, measure & optimize, convert, acquire.
    5. Competitor Analysis: This slide presents Competitor Analysis in terms of- market leader, contender, niche supplier.

    Check out stunning presentation template on Market Practicability PowerPoint Presentation Slides.

    Answered on 03 May, 2019
    By Alice Laura