What is the best way to create Multivendor Sales PowerPoint presentation?


Multivendor Sale is a term used in Multi-vendor marketplace. A marketplace is a location where all the vendors pay a commission for selling.  They have their seller accounts where they manage their inventory themselves. To make a presentation on Multivendor Sales is quite challenging. One should define all the specific elements step by step.

  1. Content:  This slide shows Content with the following points introduction, trade show objectives, trade show budgeting, trade show timeline, trade show planning checklist, competitors participation, performance dashboard. 
  2. Trade Show Objectives: This slide shows Trade Show Objectives. It also states measurement techniques and tactics for accomplishing with their respective icons.
  3. Trade Show Timeline: This slide shows Trade Show Timeline which you can alter on the basis of your requirement.
  4. Trade Show Planning Checklist: This slide presents Trade Show Planning Checklist. Stay organized by making use of this to do list provided to you.
  5. Performance Dashboard: This slide shows a performance dashboard which contains leads per rep, leads per hour, most viewed collateral, leads by date graphs.

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