What are the most important things to include in Door to Door Selling PowerPoint presentation?


Check out this presentation below:

Door To Door Selling PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Door to Door is a canvassing technique in which persons walk from the door of one house to another, trying to sell or advertise a product or service.

A good presentation on Door to Door Selling should have the following structure-

  1. Door to Door Sales Outline: This slide presents Door to Door Sales Outline in a tabular form. This table consists of two columns title and slide number which you can add as per your business needs.
  2. Introduction: This slide provides a brief introduction About the Product. It also shows the following points- business, renew, portfolio, help, creativity, maps, creative, tools with icon imagery. you can also add your logo in the empty space provided.
  3. Specifications: This slide explains the features, specifications About the Product. We have also stated a few features of the product as examples which you can alter as per your business criteria.
  4. Hire & Train Marketing Team: This slide explains Hire & Train Marketing Team step of door to door selling. You can add the names and designations of your team members in the given text boxes.
  5. Product Comparison: This slide shows Product Comparison on the basis of Moderate Feature, Good Feature and Bad Feature. Also, on the basis of this comparison, you can draw product conclusion as being acceptable, considerable and rejected.

Check out this complete ready-made Door To Door Selling PowerPoint Presentation Slides.

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