I need to deliver a PowerPoint presentation on Competency Based Management in my company? What topics should I cover in this presentation?



Check the stunning presentation:


Competency Based Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides


In an organization, Competency-Based Management supports the integration of business planning with human resource planning to assess the human resource capacity based on their competencies against the capacity needed to achieve the business goals. When I first started to create a presentation on this topic, I faced a lot of difficulties. However, with time, I have come to a conclusion that while making any kind of presentation your approach should be genuine and well informed.

Hence, I suggest you to use the following approach-

  1. Content – This slide shows Content. Its constituents are- assess the viable current staff, current vacancies, sources for future recruitment, talent acquisition strategy, recruitment tracker, budget involved, determine future talent needs.
  2. Get Feedback – This slide shows a table titled Get Feedback from the Teams in which you can add criteria, score, and comments.
  3. Current Vacancies – This slide shows Current Vacancies in the organization. You can add your own vacancies if any.
  4. Talent Acquisition Strategy – This slide shows Talent Acquisition Strategy table with the following subheadings- brand building, job posting, sourcing & recruiting, assessment & hiring, onboarding.
  5. Recruitment Tracker – This slide shows Recruitment Tracker. You can add the data for the recruitment or hiring processes.

For a complete ready-made presentation on Competency Based Management. Check this out!

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