What are the important points I should include in Candidate Mapping PowerPoint Presentation?


Check this amazing presentation:

Candidate Mapping PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Candidate Mapping is a part of Talent Management. In an organization, it is best to identify the heads of the team you want to recruit. It is a step by step process. Designing the exact structure of a Candidate Mapping is completely dependent upon the management and its policies.

However, as per my knowledge, I suggest you to design your presentation in the following sequence.

  1. Content: This is a Content slide showing points determine future talent needs, assess the viable current staff, current vacancies, sources for future recruitment, talent acquisition strategy, recruitment tracker, budget involved.
  2. Future Talent: This slide presents a table to help you Determine future talent needs. Add the name of the departments and their corresponding strengths in the spaces provided.
  3. Ask to Prepare Self-Assessment: This slide presents ask to prepare self-assessment table with the sub heading- performance appraisal ratings.
  4. Sources for Future Recruitment: This slide shows Sources for Future Recruitment such as- advertisement, voluntary applicants, internal searches, employment agencies, school placement, employee referrals.
  5. Talent Acquisition Strategy: This slide shows Talent Acquisition Strategy in a tabular form. Fill relevant data and use it accordingly.

Here is a valuable resource I suggest you for acing both design and structure Candidate Mapping PowerPoint Presentation Slides .

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