• To deliver a good presentation on Capability Maturity Matrix, you should have a good story to narrate. A good story involves a proper flow of slides that carry your pitch forward step by step.

    Therefore, in order to create a stunning PowerPoint Template on Capability Maturity Matrix, follow this structure for best results-

    1. Capability Maturity Matrix Outline- This slide shows Capability Maturity Matrix Outline displaying- CMM summary, why to use, capability maturity matrix, purpose of using CMM, characteristics of CMM, capability maturity, matrix framework, initial maturity level, managed maturity level, defined maturity level, quantitatively managed, maturity level, optimizing maturity level, timelines for implementing, capability maturity matrix, internal structure of capability, maturity matrix, basis of mapping KPAS, limitations of CMM models, capability maturity matrix templates.
    2. Characteristics of CMM – This slide displays Characteristics of CMM showing levels- level 1 initial, level 2 managed, level 3 defined, level 4 quantitatively managed, level 5 optimizing.
    3. Timelines This is Timelines for implementing Capability Maturity Matrix slide showing- for preparation, for implementation, for each new level, for assessment preparation. 
    4. Internal Structure of Capability Maturity Matrix This slide shows Internal Structure of capability maturity matrix displaying- configuration management, requirement management, project planning, project monitoring & control, supplier agreement management, process & quality assurance. some relevant KPAS for CMM level 2 are REQM, PP, PMC, SAM, PPQA, CM. each KPA defines a cluster of related activities. each level in CMM is defined into key process area or KPA. 


    Click this ready-made presentation on Capability Maturity Matrix PowerPoint Presentation Slides and download it. 

    Answered on 15 May, 2019
    By Isabella Lucas