• Quality control is a part of Quality Assurance. It is a set of standards which ensure that the quality criteria meet the requirement of clients. While making a presentation on the topic, you have to specify all the tools which are used in quality assurance.

    Here, are the points which should be included in 7 Qc Tools PPT Slides-

    1. Tools of Quality Outline: This slide showcases Tools of Quality Outline with these of the following- seven basic quality tools, control charts, scatter diagram, cause & effect diagram (fishbone diagram), histogram, stratification, check sheet, Pareto chart.
    2. Seven Basic Quality Tools: This slide presents Seven Basic Quality Tools with these of the following- check sheet, fishbone diagram, run chart, Pareto chart, flow chart, histogram, scatter diagram.
    3. Check Sheet: This slide showcases Check Sheet with the table subjected with the data as follows- project name, name of data recorder, location, data collection dates.
    4. Control Charts: This slide showcases Control Charts Template 1 with these of the two factors- upper control limit, lower control limit.

    Here is a valuable resource- 7 Qc Tools PowerPoint Presentation Slides. Feel free to download and use it as per your liking. 

    Answered on 15 May, 2019
    By Isabella Lucas