• Great question! Risk Management plays a vital role in an organization. It identifies and controls the threat to an organization’s earnings. To make a presentation on Risk Management Procedure and Guidelines, you should explain the whole threats like financial uncertainty, natural disasters & accidents as well as its procedure & guidelines to overcome these threats. The well-structured PowerPoint templates on Risk Management Procedure And Guidelines helps you to capture the attention of the panel and also give clues and reminders on what to say.

    Therefore, include the following points in your presentation-

    1. Introduction: This slide shows Risk Management- Introduction with these of the following assessment of risks, identification of risks, prioritization of risks, realization of opportunities, probability and/or impact of unfortunate events, this is a framework showing the outcome of risk management for a firm which involves minimizing, monitoring & controlling unfavourable events and maximizing the opportunities.
    2. Risk Categories: This slide presents Risk Categories. We have mentioned the six broad categories of risk and few factors associated with them. You can alter them as per your requirements.
    3. Project Work Plan: This slide presents Project Work Plan. This slide covers the entire work plan of the project split across different months and is also highlighting the degree of completion. You can alter it as per your requirements.
    4. Stakeholders Risk Appetite: This slide presents Stakeholders Risk Appetite which further showcases- forming risk appetite, within risk appetite, exceeding risk appetite, obtain an estimate of the risk appetite of the shareholders with the help of the below bar graph. this will help in assessing the acceptable risk level.
    5. Risk Management Plan: This slide shows Risk Management Plan. Below is the template to list down the plan to manage the types of risks expected by the company.
    6. Risk Assessment: This slide presents Risk Assessment. We have listed the framework for assessing the risk level. You can use the same for risk assessment.
    7. Risk Analysis: This slide presents Risk Analysis- Complex. Below is a complex version of analysing the risk level. We have listed the steps to be followed in calculating the risk and its certainty. Using these steps, you can estimate the risk level associated with your project/ company.

    Check out this stunning presentation template on Risk Management Procedure And Guidelines.

    Answered on 15 May, 2019
    By Seema Rai