Buying Goods And Services is an essential part of the purchasing process. It starts with the demands and requirements of an organization. It can differ from company to company. To make a presentation on Buying Goods And Services Process is quite challenging. One should define all the process step by step with its requirement in PPT slides.

    Here, are the points which you should be included in Buying Goods and Services Process Deck-

    1. Procurement Steps:  This slide presents Procurement Steps describing- Understanding your goals, data analysis, beginning the pricing process, manage the pricing process, execution, continuing service.
    2. Procurement Strategy: This slide represents Procurement Strategy describing- business unit data, market/ economic data, corporate financial data, spend forecast data, operations, earnings/ budget impact.
    3. Approach: This slide showcases Approach to Procurement describing- analysis, strategy, procurement, concept, implementation, introduction.
    4. Creating Procurement Strategy: This slide shows Creating Procurement Strategy with categories as- direction setting, management processes, work processes.