Media mix includes communication channels like newspapers, radio, website, emails & internet which an organization can use to meet its marketing goals. To create PowerPoint Slides on Media Mix, we should define each category and channel which is related to media mix.

    A good presentation on Media Mix should have the following structure-

    1. Media Mix Categories: This slide showcases Media Mix Categories with these of the following factors- sales, you, media activity, promotions, price, economic conditions, competitor activity.
    2. Effective Media Channels: This slide shows Most Effective Media Channels which further showcases- website/ content development, traditional, advertising, online, advertising, social, mobile advertising & application, search, email marketing, direct mail marketing, events/ conferences.
    3. Media Mix Strategy: This slide presents Media Mix Strategy with these of the following factors – intelligence, content venue, promotional platforms, kpi.


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    Answered on 15 May, 2019
    By Victoria Matias