• Employee life cycle plays a critical role in HR model. It defines different stages an employee goes through in an organization. It is quite challenging to make a presentation on Employee Life Cycle. However, with time, I have come to a conclusion that while making any kind of presentation your approach should be genuine and well informed.

    Hence, I suggest you to use the following approach for creating PowerPoint slides-

    1. Content – This is Content slide showing- employee lifecycle framework, talent acquisition, employee management, performance evaluation, exit formality.
    2. Talent Acquisition – This is Talent Acquisition slide with respect to- current vacancies, job description, candidate assessment.
    3. Current Vacancies – This slide shows Current Vacancies in terms of- department, job position, min. experience required, roles & responsibilities.
    4. Job Description – This is a Job Description slide with details and information about- skills required, qualification.
    5. Employee Management This slide presents Employee Management with respect to- attendance tracker, payroll template, skills matrix. 

    For a complete ready-made presentation on Employee Life Cycle. Check this out!

    Answered on 15 May, 2019
    By Victoria Matias