• Designing the exact structure of Project Output is completely dependent upon the project objectives and its deadlines.

    However, as per my knowledge, I suggest you to design your PPT templates in the following sequence.

    1. Activities Sequence: This slide showcases Activities Sequence. Prepare an activity sequence listing down the work which needs to be performed and its description.
    2. Task Matrix: This slide presents Task Matrix. List down all the tasks and the responsibilities in the below table which would help in the execution of the project.
    3. Project Cost Estimate: This slide showcases Project Cost Estimate. This slide covers the cost estimates split across different sections which would be involved while bringing the project in to action. You can modify these sections and estimates as per the requirements.
    4. Project Management Dashboard: This slide shows Project Management Dashboard. This is a graphical presentation to understand the overall management of the project and to analyse the budget as well as the timelines of the project.

    Here is a valuable resource I suggest you for acing both design and structure Project Output PowerPoint Presentation Slides .

    Answered on 15 May, 2019
    By Neha Malhotra