Added on: 15 May, 2019

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  • Strategic planning is a process of evolution to achieve strategic success. It involves of making the exact move at right time with the right information.

    To make PowerPoint slides on Strategy Planning Evolution, you should specify the right planning which helps to achieve strategic success.

    Here, are the steps which you should include in a Strategy Planning Evolution Deck-

    1. Phases: This slide presents Phases in the Evolution of Strategic Planning showcasing- effectiveness of formal business planning and value system, basic financial planning: phase 1: operational control- functional focus, meet budget. forecast based planning: phase 2: more effective planning for growth- annual budget, environmental analysis, multi-year forecasts. predict the future. externally oriented planning: phase 3: increasing response to markets & competition- evaluation of strategic alternatives, dynamic allocation of resources. think strategically. strategic management: phase 4: orchestration of all resources to create competitive advantage- creative, flexible planning processes, supportive value system & climate. create the future.
    2. Framework: This slide presents framework for evolution of strategy showcasing five main headings- structure: organizational structure & leadership initiatives, programs & investments mergers, acquisitions & divestitures analysis: remote external environment, industry environment, internal assessment. control & feedback: budgets & financial plans, incentives, review & evaluation. strategy formulation: diagnosis, opportunities, risk assessment, scenarios, strategic decisions, competitive advantage, generic strategy, value chain, core competence. goal setting: guiding policies, objectives, corporate, business, functional, measures & scorecards. as purpose & values, formulation, implementation
    3. Strategy Evolution: This slide showcases a Strategy Evolution Template displaying important questions like- which are the areas of competition in terms of where will we play? how will we win? what capabilities must be in place? what management systems are required? what is our winning aspiration?
    4. Evolution Of Innovation Strategy:  This slide displays Evolution Of Innovation Strategy showing- requires new business model and leverages existing business model as disruptive, radical, and architectural.