• Business Process Optimization is a technique which helps the organization to improve the business process time to time in a constant manner so that the organization achieves its goals. To make a presentation on Business Process Optimization, you should explain all the business goals in an effective manner. Well-structured Business Process Optimization PowerPoint templates help you to capture the attention of the panel and also give clues and reminders on what to say. 

    Therefore, include the following points in your presentation-

    Business Process Management Model: This slide presents Business Process Management Model with the following points- Design: Identify current process and design of proposed change Modelling: What if analysis to model change proposed on multiple variable Execution: Use of software to track and manage Monitoring: Keep track of completion level of changes and effective Optimization: Identify problems, opportunities and apply changes for greater cost savings and efficiency 

    Business Management Process Framework: This slide presents Business Management Process Framework showcasing- actions, solutions, strategy statement, support ongoing, toolkit available, standards in place. 

    Business Process Management Tools: This slide shows Business Process Management Tools with the following points- Process Performance Management: KPI’s and measurements to asses and manage the performance of individual processes. Process Management Standards & Methods: Corporate instructions, Method for process analysis and improvement. Process Management Tools: Dashboards. Process analysis tools: Process Architecture & Process Model, Structural model for business, Process hierarchy, process levels. Process Management Deployment: Rollout / Implementation approach, Process Governance & Control. Process management roles, responsibilities: Continuous Improvement as Do, Check, Act, Plan. 

    Check out this stunning presentation template on Business Process Optimization.






    Answered on 06 Jun, 2019
    By Alice Laura