• Distributed Ledger is a type of database which allows the transactions to be recorded in multiple places at the same time. It helps to overcome cyber attacks. Making a presentation on Distributed Ledger is quite challenging. One should define all the digital tools one by one with its impact in the PPT slides.

    Here, are the points which should be included in Distributed Ledger PowerPoint presentation-

    Introduction:  This slide presents Introduction for Distributed Ledger Technology with its definition showing- customers, underwriting, mortgage, providers, legal services, customers, international bank, internal employees, branch site, ATM, mobile banking, outsourced service providers, services, 3rd party services, e-banking, corporate clients, business treasury, finance department, commercial, finance, payment service provider.

    Working of a Distributed Ledger: This slide showcases Working of a Distributed Ledger with the following points- Users broadcast their transactions to nodes, consensus protocol used, nodes aggregate validated transactions into blocks, users initiate transactions using their digital signatures, one or more nodes begin validating each transaction, nodes broadcast blocks to each other, block reflecting “true state” is chained to prior block.

    Use of Distributed Ledger: This slide shows Use of Distributed Ledger such as- To create value or issue assets, to record those transfers of value or ownership of assets, to transfer value or the ownership of assets, to allow owners of assets to exercise certain rights associated with ownership, and to record the exercise of those rights, it can be used without a central authority by individuals or entities with no basis to trust each other. 

    Smart Contract: This slide showcases Smart Contract showcasing- Business rules implied by the contract embedded in the blockchain & executed with the transaction, verifiable, signed, encoded in the programming language.

    Check out these stunning presentation templates on Distributed Ledger PowerPoint Presentation Slides.



    Answered on 06 Jun, 2019
    By Alice Laura