• Data architecture focuses on standards, rules, and models that define which type of data is collected and how it is stored and used in an organization. Here is the best outline for a deck on Data Architecture. Use it to create your own PPT templates :

    NoSQL Databases: This slide shows NoSQL Databases with the following content- NoSQL databases have been taking over other databases because of their speed and ability to scale. In the case of document databases, they offer a far simpler model from a software engineering perspective. This simpler development model increases speed-to-market and helps the business respond more quickly to the needs of customers and internal users. 

    Real-Time Streaming Platforms: This slide shows Real-Time Streaming Platforms showcasing- Responding to customers in real-time is critical to the customer experience, Reason why consumer based industries is facing distress is due to the ability of companies to react to the user in real time, Moving to a real-time model requires event streaming, The recent advancement in streaming technologies opens the door to many new ways to optimize a business. 

    Ensure Security and Access Controls: This slide presents Ensure Security and Access Controls with the following points- Establish a Common Vocabulary, Product catalogues, fiscal calendar dimensions, provider hierarchies and KPI definitions all need to be common. The emergence of Big Data and Hadoop as a unified data platform for enterprises has enabled—and necessitated— the enforcement of data policies and access controls directly on the raw data, instead of in a web of downstream data stores and applications Look to technologies that allow you to architect for security, and deliver broad self-service access, without compromising control 

    Big Data Architecture: This slide presents Big Data Architecture consisting of- stack complexity, value of data, Hadoop framework, physical hardware, data pipeline, processing, ingest, staging, access, data & workflow management, insight, data. 

    One resource that has been invaluable for me in preparing my presentation is the ready-made Data Architecture PowerPoint Presentation Slides. The structure, slide layouts, graphics, images and fonts have been designed beforehand and all you need to do is add your text in the placeholders. 


    Answered on 06 Jun, 2019
    By Nikita Mohan