• In an organization, strategic management is a technique which involves the formulation, planning and accessing the goals of an organization. Designing the exact structure of Strategic Management is completely dependent upon the organization long and short-term strategies. However, as per my knowledge, I suggest you to design your PPT templates in the following sequence.

    1. Business Strategy Presentation Outline: This slide presents Business Strategy Presentation Outline with the following points- executive summary, mission statement-vision-values, management board- organization chart, targets for the next business quarter, establish a value proposition, marketing plan objectives, identifying new marketing channels, brand promotion strategies for engagement, brand promotion template 2, look to your competition, focus on your strengths, product feature comparison, annual budget, assets & revenue: financial summary, company sales & performance – dashboard, financial projections for strategic planning, actual versus target revenue- setting strategic goals, funding requirement, use of funds, operational plan- deciding team initiatives & strategies, recruitment plan for hr department, project timeline chart, swot analysis, analyse new revenue streams, formulating a new business model, market expansion & growth, business strategic plan template, strategic plan development, key success indicators dashboard. 
    2. Establish A Value Proposition for Customer: This slide presents Establish A Value Proposition for Customer (Wants, Fears, Needs) Product (What your product Do?) Benefits (How does your product work?) Features (What does it feel like to use your product?) Experience (What do people currently do instead?) 
    3. Marketing Plan Objectives: This slide displays Marketing Plan Objectives such as- Introduce new products, Extend or regain market for an existing product, Enter new territories for the company, Boost sales in a particular product, market or price range. Where will this business come from? Cross-sell (or bundle) one product with another, enter into long-term contracts with desirable clients, raise prices without cutting into sales figures, refine a product, Enhance manufacturing/ product delivery. 
    4. New Marketing Channels: This slide shows Identifying New Marketing Channels such as- Web ads, Print ads, Your website, Business cards, Teleseminars/ webinars, Direct mail, Email, Videos, Articles, Social Media Sites, Blogs, Broadcast Media. 

    Here is a valuable resource I suggest you for acing both the design and structure Strategic Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides.


    Answered on 06 Jun, 2019
    By Mia Davis