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  • Products reviews are used in shopping sites to rate and comment on products and services by the customers. To make PowerPoint slides on New Product Review, you should share information about your own product experience. Here, are the steps which you should include in a New Product Review Deck-

    New Product Portfolio Management: This slide shows New Product Portfolio Management in matrix form with the following subheadings- time to launch - months, new product phases, phase 1 discovery, phase 2 basis of internet, phase 3 development, phase 4 commercialization. 

    Product Performance: This slide presents Product Performance in terms of enhanced image & customer relation and development of customer base with the following content- more involved& motivated SF (% of sales reps engaged in selling a new product, motivated sales reps) increased existing customer visits, additional contact persons, new customers. nourished product portfolio (growth of product line cross-selling of other product families) conveyed image as an innovation leader, enthusiastic customers, strengthened the customer relationship. more competent SF (sales approach product know-how, customer needs, competitor know-how) surpassed competitions (increased (relative) market share, surpassed competitors' growth rate, market leader position). 

    Detailed Analysis: This slide presents a Detailed Analysis with the following subheadings- Size, Cost, Aesthetics, Client, Function, Manufacture, Safety. 

    Product Analysis:  This is a Product Analysis slide with the following subheadings- function (what does it do? does it work properly? how does it work?) cost (how much? is it expensive or cheap? where might it be sold) customer (who would buy it? why would they it?) safety (is it safe to use? does it have any sharp edges?) materials (what is it made from? describe the properties of the materials. how might it be made?) aesthetics (what does it look like? is it stylish? why would the customer like the product?) environment (how long would it last? is it good for the environment?) use this sheet to comment on the features of existing products, these may be good or bad! 

    One resource that has been invaluable for me in preparing my presentation is the ready-made New Product Review PowerPoint Presentation Slides. The structure, slide layouts, graphics, images and fonts have been designed beforehand and all you need to do is add your text in placeholders. 



    Answered on 07 Jun, 2019
    By Mia Davis