• Product analysis is a part of product designing process in which experts examine the product features, quality, and its cost. Your PPT slides on New Product Analysis should be a visually attention-grabbing and structured pitch that identifies the main concept of the subject.

    So, here is the best outline for a deck on New Product Analysis:

    1. New Product Portfolio Management matrix diagram: This slide presents New Product Portfolio Management matrix diagram with the following points- Discovery, Basis of Internet, Development, Commercialization, Launch - Months. 
    2. Strategic Opportunity Matrix: This slide displays a Strategic Opportunity Matrix with the following points- market penetration strategy, product development strategy, market development strategy, diversification strategy, product strategy, strategic target. 
    3. Product Performance: This slide showcases Product Performance with the following points- % of sales reps engaged in selling new product, Motivated sales reps, Conveyed image as innovation leader, Enthusiastic customers, Strengthened customer relationship, Sales approach, Product know-how, Customer needs, Competitor know-how, Growth of product line, Cross-selling of other product Families, Increased (relative) market share, Surpassed competitors' Growth rate, Market leader Position, Increased existing customer visits, Additional contact persons, New customers, Product Performance, Enhanced Image & Customer Relation, More Involved & Motivated SF, Surpassed Competitions, More Competent SF, Nourished Product Portfolio, Development of Customer Base. 
    4. Detailed Analysis: This slide presents a Detailed Analysis with the following subheadings- Product Analysis looks at existing products, by breaking the product down. Safety (What makes the product safe? Why would the product need to be safe? What risks may happen?) Client (Who do you think the target market is? Who would buy this product? What parts of the product would appeal to the target market? Where would this product be sold?) Cost (How much does it cost to make the product? How much do you think the materials cost? How much would it be in a shop?) Manufacture (How do you think the product was made? By hand? In a factory? What materials is it made of? Why do you think these materials where chosen?) Aesthetics (What does the product look like? What type of colour does it use? What kind of surfaces? What theme is it based on?) Function (How does the product work? What features help it to work? Where would the object be placed?)

    Check out this stunning presentation template on New Product Analysis.



    Answered on 07 Jun, 2019
    By Kavya Jindal