• Enterprise Resource Planning is a type of software which merges all the departments of an organization into a single one while fulfilling the needs of each department. It is quite challenging to make a presentation on Enterprise Resource Planning. However, with time, I have come to a conclusion that while making any kind of presentation your approach should be genuine and well informed.

    Hence, I suggest you use the following approach for creating PowerPoint slides on Enterprise Resource Planning:

    1. Introduction: This slide showcases Introduction with these three factors- enterprise, resource, planning, effective application & optimization of resources. 
    2. Functional Areas Overview: This slide shows Functional Areas Overview with these nine important points- master data management, human resources, research & development, controlling, marketing & sales, materials management, production, needs assessment, finance & accounting.
    3. ERP Project Progress: This slide showing ERP Project Progress by Stage with these three stages- project preparation, ERP software selection, ERP implementation.
    4. Overview of Implementation Process: This slide shows Overview of Implementation Process with two main phases are- planning & selection phase, implementation phase. use this process for implementation as per your requirement. 

    For a complete ready-made presentation on Enterprise Resource Planning. Check this out!


    Answered on 01 Jul, 2019
    By Neha Malhotra