• Change management deals with organizational changes either it is with people, goals or processes. While making a presentation on this topic, you should specify all the organizational tools that can be used for successful personal transitions resulting in the realization of change. 

    Here, are the points which should be included in change management PPT Slides-

    Content: There should be a content slide which includes the following subheadings- identify the change, vision for change, change management agents and framework, resistance and risk, implementation strategies, cost of change, feedback and evaluation.

    Identify the Change: You can include identify the change slide which showcases the type of change, forces, vision, organization change readiness, and Gap analysis for the change required.

    Types of Change Management: There should be a types of change management slide which displays the following parameter- systematic, project and organizational. State your description, used for and impacted entities.

    Define your Vision: You can include a vision slide which showcases 5 steps - State your vision in terms of ‘Where you are’ v/s ‘Where you want to be’ with accompanying steps.

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    Answered on 11 Jul, 2019
    By Megha Roy