• Value chain analysis framework includes all the business activities from conception to distribution in the customers. To make a presentation on value-chain-analysis-framework, you should explain all the business activities and its analyzation step by step in an effective manner. A well-structured on value chain analysis framework PowerPoint templates help you to capture the attention of the panel and also give clues and reminders on what to say. 

    Therefore, include the following points in your presentation-

    Primary Activities: First slide should include primary activities which consist of inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing & sales, service. 

    Secondary Activities:  Second slide should define secondary activities such as- procurement, human resource management, technology development, infrastructure.

    Cost Advantage: Third slide should include cost advantage which showcases- step 1 identify the firm’s primary and support activities, step 2 establish the relative importance of each activity in the total cost of the product. 

    Value Chain Analysis-3 Step Process: Fourth slide should define value chain analysis-3 Step Process which contains - activity analysis, value analysis, evaluation & planning. 

    You can also download the predesigned template on Value Chain Analysis Framework.


    Answered on 11 Jul, 2019
    By Alice Laura