• Project conclusion defines the final outcome of the project. It includes all the key factors which describe the background of research and its latest change output. Here is the best outline for a deck on project conclusion. Use it to create your own PPT templates :

    Project Health Card: You can add project health card which includes task meter, milestones and key dates, resource workload (days), notes & to do list, open actions and change requests, top 5 concerns (risk or issues). 

    Project Dashboard: You can show project dashboard slide which presents - primary resources, objective, main focus, issues/ risks, key discussion items, timeline. 

    Performance Analysis: You can define performance analysis slide which showcases - planned project objective (target), actual project result (actual), deviation/ cause. 

    Deadlines/ Milestones: You can add deadlines/ milestones slide which displays - date/ milestone, date (plan), date (actual), deviations/ cause, project name. 

    Check out an example of Project Conclusion- Project Conclusion PowerPoint Presentation Slides.


    Answered on 11 Jul, 2019
    By Nikita Mohan