• Business process reengineering is an approach to improve the final business outcomes.

    To make PowerPoint slides on business process reengineering, you should define the workflow that is performed by the employees to achieve the business goals. 

    Here, are the steps which you should include in the business process reengineering deck-

    Content: First slide should define the content which showcases the following points- identify the change, vision for change, change management agents, change management framework, resistance and risk, implementation strategies, cost of change, feedback and evaluation. 

    Identify the Change: Second slide should include identify the change which displays the following points- types of change management, forces for change, vision for change, gap analysis, organization change readiness. 

    Types of Change Management: Third slide should describe types of change management which defines the common changes which happen in an organization. 

    Forces for Change: Fourth slide should include forces for change which showcases- mergers & acquisitions, political-legal reasons, electronic commerce, social-culture reasons, privatizations, new technology, digital convergence, knowledge economy. 

    Take a quick look at an example and download your favorite product.

    Business Process Reengineering PowerPoint Presentation Slides


    Answered on 11 Jul, 2019
    By Kavya Jindal