• Change control manages all the changes made in the products or services. Your PPT slides on change control process should be a visually attention-grabbing and structured pitch that identifies the main concept of the subject.

    So, here is the best outline for a deck on change control process:

    Content: You can add contents slide which presents - Identify the change, vision for change, change management agents, change management framework, resistance, and risk, implementation strategies, cost of change, feedback and evaluation. 

    Identify the Change: You can include identify the change slide which states- types of change management, forces for change, vision for change, gap analysis, organization change readiness. 

    Types of Change Management: You can add types of change management slide with GAP analysis. GAP analysis helps in identifying key areas of improvement from current state to future state. Using this tool, you can make important decisions about the future and how the business needs to change. 

    Forces for Change: You can include forces for change with the following parameters- mergers & acquisitions, political-legal reasons, electronic commerce, social-culture reasons, privatizations, new technology, digital convergence, knowledge economy. 

    Take a look at Change control process template that is highly versatile. You can use it multiple times after downloading.


    Answered on 11 Jul, 2019
    By Mia Davis