What are the most important things to include in Business Branding Proposal PowerPoint Presentation?


Business branding proposal is a sales document which shows your potential client that you understand their business problems and are here to provide solutions to fix them. While making a presentation on this topic, you should specify all the business challenges and its solutions one by one which helps to achieve the client’s attention. 

Here, are the points which should be included in business branding proposal PPT Slides-

Agenda: There should be an agenda slide which includes- business focus, brand performance tracking, need for new product, competitive landscape, strategic positioning, brand development, brand positioning, brand communication, budgeting, value addition due to branding, promotional strategies.

Need for New Product: You can include a need for new product slide which showcases- dynamic market conditions, diversification of risk, to meet seasonal fluctuations in demand, increasing competition, email marketing, growth and development. 

Competitive Analysis: There should be a competitive analysis slide which shows various objectives such as- strengths, weaknesses, strategy- emphasizing the strengths, strategy- downgrade/ devalue, strategy- downgrade/ devalue, strategy- emphasizing weaknesses.

Strategic Positioning: You can add a strategic positioning slide which shows strategic targets such as- superior quality, customer value, moderate prices, differentiation, comprehensive cost leadership, focus on priorities. 

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