How can I make an effective presentation on Branding that impresses the audience?


Branding means creating a unique name or image of a product which differentiates it from other products. To make a presentation on branding, you should explain all the marketing strategies step by step in an effective manner. Well-structured branding  PowerPoint templates help you to capture the attention of the panel and also give clues and reminders on what to say. 

Therefore, include the following points in your presentation-

Agenda: There should be an agenda slide which includes - business focus, need for new product, competitive landscape, strategic positioning, brand development, brand positioning, brand communication, budgeting, value addition due to branding, promotional strategies, brand performance tracking. 

Need for New Product:  There should be a need for new product slide which defines - growth and development, diversification of risk, increasing competition, dynamic market conditions, continuous technological development.

Comparison: You can include a comparison slide which is based on certain criteria which are- revenue, profit, market share, main activity, number of employees, product quality, compare your strengths & weaknesses with that of others.

Market Competitiveness: You can add a market competitiveness slide which describes the following key factors- weight, rating, weighted score, rating, weighted score, rating, weighted score, key success factors.

You can also download the predesigned template on Branding.

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