I need to deliver a PowerPoint presentation on Business Model Generation Value Proposition in my company? What topics should I cover in this presentation?


Business model generation value proposition is a graphical representation which defines company’s value proportion, customers and finance. It provides exact information about financial years of the company with the help of roadmap. 

Here is the best outline for a deck on business model generation value proposition. Use it to create your own PPT templates :

Contents: You can include a table of content slide which showcases- company overview / elevator pitch, our team, the problem, the solution, value proposition - product service, product roadmap, milestones achieved, traction, business model, revenue streams, revenue model, expense model, growth strategy, go-to-market strategy, marketing strategy, competitive landscape, swot analysis, product comparison, financial projection, break-even analysis, financing, use of funds, shareholding pattern, exit strategy.

Value Proposition – Product/Services: You can add a value proposition – product/services slide which displays- product, customer, company, product, ideal customer, features, benefits, experience, substitutes. 

Business Model: You can include a business model slide which describes- how do you acquire customers? how do you provide your service? how do you monetize? type of business model.

Revenue Streams: You can display a revenue streams slide with shows- partner with other players in value chain to increase business, partner commission, anybody can open an a/c start selling their product, supplier commission, selling products at profitable rates, selling in-house products, selling products at profitable rates, indirect sources such as advertising, affiliates, etc.

Check out an example of Project Conclusion- Business Model Generation Value Proposition PowerPoint Presentation Slides.

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