What are the important points I should include in Supply Chain Management Logistics PowerPoint Presentation?


Logistics is a part of supply chain management which acts as an intermediary between customer’s requirements and its fulfillment. It helps to improve the customer’s satisfaction. Designing the exact structure of supply chain management logistics is completely dependent upon the logistics team which helps to meet customer’s requirement.

However, as per my knowledge, I suggest you to design your PPT templates in the following sequence.

Logistics & IT: There should be a logistics & IT slide which includes - transportation challenges, transportation medium, IT in SCM.

Transportation Medium: You can add a transportation medium slide which shows - plane, truck, rail, ship, electronics.

Transportation Challenges: There should be a transportation challenges slide which states- varying fuel prices, changing transportation industry, improvised technologies, globalization, customer’s expectation, labor laws, economic uncertainty. 

Logistics Management: You can include a logistics management slide which describes - customer service, purchasing, production planning, warehouse, transport.

Here is an example of Supply Chain Management Logistics PowerPoint Presentation Slides that is worth downloading.

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