• To make a presentation on how to introduce myself in an interview for freshers, you should explain each topic of an introduction in an effective manner. A Well-structured PowerPoint template on how to introduce myself in an interview for freshers, help you to capture the attention of the panel and also give clues and reminders on what to say. 

    Therefore, include the following points in your presentation-

    Agenda: You can add an agenda slide with the following points- about me, career, own swot analysis, qualifications, achievements & training, experience, skill set, language skills, hobbies.

    About Me: There should be an about me with the following aspects- skills & languages, personal profile, achievements, education, contact info, hobbies, work experience. 

    SWOT Analysis:  There should be a SWOT analysis slide with the following factors- threats, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities. 

    Skills: You can include a skills slide which shows- assertive, flexible, goal oriented, creative, team player.

    You can also download the predesigned template on How To Introduce Myself In Interview For Freshers.


    Answered on 12 Aug, 2019
    By Mia Davis