• Here is the best outline for a deck on Supply Chain Management Review. Use it to create your own PPT templates :

    Deck Outline: There should be a deck outline slide which includes - supply chain management process, SCM decision phases, strategic sourcing process, logistics & IT, introduction, planning & forecasting, inventory management, inventory management models, performance measures, common problems with SCM. 

    Introduction: You can include an introduction slide which showcases- SCM introduction, goals, advantages, SCM implementation steps, SCM process flow, supply chain components.

    Components Of The Supply Chain: There should be a component of the supply chain slide which shows the following components- supply, manufacturing, distribution & warehousing, retail, consumer. 

    Here is an example of Supply Chain Management Review PowerPoint Presentation Slides. Download it and alter it as per your liking.


    Answered on 12 Aug, 2019
    By Nikita Mohan