• Logistics is the part of supply chain management. It refers to the raw material, goods, and services that are stored and used inside and outside the company. Therefore, in order to create a stunning PowerPoint Template on supply chain management and logistics, follow this structure for best results-

    Deck Outline: You can add a deck outline slide which displays- planning & forecasting, inventory management, inventory management models, performance measures, common problems with SCM, supply chain management process, SCM decision phases, strategic sourcing process, logistics & IT, introduction. 

    Introduction: You can show an introduction slide which shows- supply chain components, SCM process flow, SCM implementation steps, advantages, goals, SCM introduction. 

    Components Of The Supply Chain: You can define Components Of The Supply Chain slide which includes- Supply, Manufacturing, Distribution & Warehousing, Retail, Consumer, Supply Chain Management.

    Company Timeline: You can add a Company Timeline slide which showcases- vendor, sourcing, inbound storage/ transport data, operation, outbound storage/ transport data, consumer distribution, consumer, material flow, information flow, money flow. 

    Check out an example of Supply Chain Management And Logistics - Supply Chain Management And Logistics PowerPoint Presentation Slides



    Answered on 12 Aug, 2019
    By Nikita Mohan