• Designing an exact structure of Market Segmentation Techniques And Strategies is completely dependent upon the marketing team and its strategies to achieve the business targets.

    However, as per my knowledge, I suggest you to design your PPT templates in the following sequence.

    Content: There should be a table of content slide which includes- market segmentation evaluation, understand the customer needs, customer segmentation layout, market targeting, market positioning, positioning strategies, product positioning, competitor positioning, competitive landscape, strategic positioning, product positioning- perceptual map. 

    Market Segmentation Evaluation Company’s Core Competency: There should be a market segmentation evaluation company’s core competency slide which includes - substitutes, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, barriers to entry. 

    Market Segmentation Evaluation: You can display a market segmentation evaluation slide with the following factors- competency, framework, leadership, management, relationships, analytical. 

    Understand The Customer Needs: You can add an understand the customer needs slide with the following examples- what they do, when they buy, how they buy, what they expect of you. 

    Here is an example of Market Segmentation Techniques And Strategies Powerpoint Presentation Slides that is worth downloading.


    Answered on 12 Aug, 2019
    By Alice Laura