• Market segmentation analysis analyzes the potentials market of customers which is divided into groups and segments. Your PPT slides on market segmentation analysis Example should be a visually attention-grabbing and structured pitch that identifies the main concept of the subject.

    So, here is the best outline for a deck on market segmentation analysis example:

    Content: You can add a table of content slide which displays- market segmentation evaluation, understand the customer needs, customer segmentation layout, market targeting, market positioning, positioning strategies, product positioning, competitor positioning, competitive landscape, strategic positioning, product positioning- perceptual map.

    Market Segmentation Consumer Markets: You can include a market segmentation consumer markets slide which is divided into- geographic, demographic, behavioral, psychographic. 

    Market Segmentation Business Markets: You can add a market segmentation business markets slide which showcases- demographics, operating variable, situational factors, personal characteristics, purchasing approaches. 

    Market Segmentation Evaluation Company’s Core Competency: You can include a market segmentation evaluation company’s core competency slide with the following subheadings- substitutes, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, barriers to entry, intensity of rivalry. 

    Take a look at Market Segmentation Analysis Example template that is highly versatile. You can use it multiple times after downloading.


    Answered on 12 Aug, 2019
    By Kavya Jindal